If arriving by 3:30 will be difficult for you, then please sign up for our extended care program.

ABSENCE: If your child will be late or will not attend a day of camp, please notify us by leaving a message at 617-484-0550. All parents whose children do not appear for camp in the morning and have not notified us of their absence will be called.

EQUIPMENT: In addition to a suit and goggles, all campers should remember to bring the following items:
1. Towel
2. Shorts, T-shirt
3. Sneakers and socks for dry land portion of day’s instruction (campers will not be able to participate if they do not have proper footwear)
4. Sunblock and/or hat for outside activities
5. Water bottle
Please clearly write the camper’s name on all items. Every camper will be provided with a white swim cap with his or her name. We require the campers to wear the swim caps during the sessions to make it easier for our instructors to learn names. All equipment should be brought onto the pool deck and placed in a designated area of the bleachers.

LUNCH: Campers should bring their own lunches/snacks and drinks. There are water fountains on the premises.