• Meet Technique Swim Academy

    Technique Swim Academy is a summer swim camp at Harvard University for children ages 7-16.

    Our focus is on children who are interested in swimming at the club, high school or collegiate level, as well as those interested in the sport for recreation. Supervised by Harvard Head Coaches Stephanie Morawski and Kevin Tyrrell and by Northeastern Head Coach Roy Coates, Technique Swim Academy’s roster of experienced instructors teach campers proper swim technique and help them achieve their personal best through concentrated swimming instruction.

    Each day, we focus on one competitive stroke and reinforce technique through demonstrations, practice drills, and daily videotape sessions. Our instructors serve as role models for our campers, promoting sportsmanship and providing a positive and healthy learning environment. Our goal is to provide an atmosphere where swimmers are excited by the sport and eager to learn about all facets of competitive swimming. Please note, this is not a beginner swim camp.