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Is Technique Swim Academy open to both boys and girls?

Yes. We expect an equal distribution of boys and girls participating in our camp.

What is the training focus for each day at camp?

We focus on one stroke per day and a day of starts, turns and stroke review. Swimmers are taught efficient technique methods and swim 25 and 50 yards of stroke drills at a time in order to better understand the body position, pulling pattern and kick of each stroke. The focus on Monday is freestyle, Tuesday – backstroke, Wednesday – breaststroke, Thursday – butterfly. On Fridays, the focus is on starts and turns.

Are workouts provided?

Our Stroke Development Camps are technique based.  The coaches may run short sets to reenforce the skills when tired, but there are no specific training workouts involved.

What is the ratio of swimmers to coaches?

It depends on the week but the ration averages 6 or 7:1

Do you videotape?

Yes, coaches will videotape swimmers above and underwater at least once a day depending on their age and goals.

What equipment do swimmers need to bring?

All that is required is a suit, towel and goggles for water sessions. Athletic shoes, t-shirt and shorts are necessary for our out of water activities. Swimmers should also bring water bottles and label all equipment. For full information, see our Additional Information page.

Can parents watch camp sessions?

Yes, parents are welcome to watch camp sessions from the spectator section. No parents are permitted on pool deck while camp is in session.

Who will coach my child at camp?

We invite coaches from around the US who will bring a unique perspective on swimming to our camp. Most are high school or collegiate coaches while others come from club or YMCA coaching backgrounds. We also utilize college swimmers who bring a dynamic approach when working with our younger athletes. All coaches attend a training session so we can provide a consistent approach when working with the swimmers.

Is my child a good enough swimmer to come to camp?

All swimmers MUST be able to swim at least 25 yards of competitive freestyle (that means head in the water and side breathing) and 25 yards of backstroke. This is for your child’s safety as we are not a swim lesson program.

In what level should I place my child?

Please carefully read through the level descriptions and place them in the level as described and NOT by the title. Camp is divided by 10 & under and 11& over and within each of those groups, the swimmers are placed according to their skill set and endurance.  The information you provide is just for the coaches in order to group similar age/skill level together.  Please note that just because a swimmers is on a team does not mean that all four of their strokes are legal.

Ultimately, the final decision where to place a swimmer is solely at the discretion of the swimming coaches. Swimmers are evaluated upon arriving at camp, and if the coaching staff feels the placement is inappropriate, then the swimmer will be moved. Our advice, don’t push your child! This is a technique camp. We believe in being perfect before you can be consistently fast.

What is the difference between the Junior Competitive, Advanced and Competitive group?

In most cases, we do expect everyone choosing these levels to have some sort of team experience. For the Junior Competitive, think more along the lines of a swimmer new to competitive swimming. “Junior” in this case does not refer to age. Those choosing Advanced do know how to swim but may lack endurance. If they are placed with a group that moves at a faster pace, they may struggle. The Competitive group contains campers who have team experience and can legally swim all four strokes.

What does the first Monday morning water session look like?

Swimmers are typically grouped by age and ability. On the first day of camp, everyone will begin with swimmers registered at the same level. This is our first chance to see the swimmers in the water. We will then move swimmers around so they are with others of their same age and ability as much as possible. The more accurate the parent/guardian is in describing the swimmer’s level, the less need there is to relocate them.

We will then begin with introductions of the coaches, a stroke demonstration of freestyle (the stroke of that day), and then the coaches will take their groups and work on that stroke with drills.  At some point, each group will have the chance to do above or underwater videotaping  and near the end of the session the swimmers will participate in relays.

What other space does the camp use?

At Harvard, we utilize space at on the mezzanine level of Blodgett Pool and in the grassy areas directly outside for our guest speakers, out of water activities and lunch. At Northeastern, we utilize the gym and an outdoor grassy area.

Will my child have the same coach the entire time at camp?

Coaches may vary. This partly depends on the group. Most likely, the lane coach of the 7-10 year olds will stay the same for the week as this age group benefits the most from bonding with a particular instructor.

If my child comes to multiple weeks of camp, will the technique just be repetitive or will it be different?

We strongly suggest that swimmers attend at least two weeks but no more than four. When perfecting technique, repetition is important.  The drills may be similar, but the swimmer will have different lane-mates and the coach will be able to build off of what that swimmer worked on the previous week.  Also, the coach may change from week to week so the approach and drills may be more unique to that particular counselor and our lectures may vary from week to week.

If we are traveling with our child from out of state, are there hotels in the area families may stay at?

If you are planning a visit to Boston and Cambridge, please consider hotels serving the greater Cambridge and Boston area.

What happens if my child is ill during camp?

Throughout the duration of camp, there will be a Health Care Supervisor on site. The Health Care Supervisor will evaluate the camper and call the contact numbers as needed. We work closely with Dr. Micheli’s office at Children’s Hospital and in case of emergency we may also use Mt. Auburn Hospital. It is VERY important to provide a complete medical history for the camper and list any medical needs or allergies in advance.

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